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As stated in the 1987 Brundtland Commission report, Our Common Future, Sustainable Development is:

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In its original context, this definition was stated solely from the human perspective. In order to truly embrace the idea, the meaning must be expanded to allow all parts of nature to meet their own needs both now and in the future.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design requires an awareness of both the short and long-term consequences of any transformation of the environment. As noted from the 2000 World’s Fair in Hannover, Germany, sustainable design is the conception and realization of environmentally sensitive and responsible expression as a part of the evolving matrix of nature.

The Hannover Principles

The Hannover Principles should be seen as a living document committed to the transformation and growth in the understanding of our interdependence with nature, so that they may adapt as our knowledge of the world evolves.

1. Insist on rights of humanity and nature to co-exist.
2. Recognize interdependence.
3. Respect relationships between spirit and matter.
4. Accept responsibility for the consequences of design decisions.
5. Create safe objects of long-term value.
6. Eliminate the concept of waste.
7. Rely on natural energy flows.
8. Understand the limitations of design.
9. Seek constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge.

—William McDonough & Partners. The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability

Our Students

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainability and the Built Environment is now gaining strength with around 30 students coming from various backgrounds.

Our Faculty


Vandana Baweja, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Global Histories of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism; Colonial Architecture and Urbanism; Modern South Asia

Nancy Clark
Position: Associate Professor and Assistant Director. Coordinator of the UF SoA Graduate Program.
Office: 256 ARCH

Martin Gold
Position: Associate Professor and Director.
Office: 234 ARCH

Michael Kuenstle
Position: Associate Professor. NCARB Representative.
Office: 250 ARCH

Bradley Walters
Position: Assistant Professor. AIA
Areas of Expertise: Sustainability

Building Construction

Charles J. Kibert, Ph.D.
Position: Professor
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Construction, Deconstruction, Green Buildings, Green Building Assessment, Operations Research Applied to Sustainable Construction Problems, Ethics of Sustainability
Office: 342 RNK

Esther Obonyo, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: 329 RNK

Robert J. Ries, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Sustainability. Sustainable Construction.
Office: 311 RNK

Ravi Srinivasan
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: low/net zero energy buildings, building simulation and energy modeling, sustainability/high performance strategies, and carbon emissions assessment and control
Office: 336 RNK
Phone: 352-273-1164

Interior Design

Maruja Torres-Antonini, Ph.D., LEED AP
Position: Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Interior Design, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Housing and Residential Environments
Office: 350 ARCH

Nam-Kyu Park, Ph.D., LEED AP
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: 444 ARCH

Landscape Architecture

Glenn Acomb
Position: Lecturer of Landscape Architecture. Registered Landscape Architect: Florida, Georgia and Texas
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Design and Construction
Office: 434 ARCH

Margaret H. Carr
Position: Professor of Landscape Architecture, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student and Academic Affairs, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of URP Affiliate Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies
Office: 331D ARCH

Tom Hoctor, Ph.D.
Position: Director of the Center for Landscape and Conservation Planning, DCP Research Program Director Department of Landscape Architecture Research Associate, GeoPlan Center Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Office: 336 ARCH

Kevin Thompson
Position: Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Registered Landscape Architect Western Australia
Office: 440 ARCH

Kay Williams
Position: Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Registered Landscape Architect: Florida, FASLA
Office: 456 ARCH

Urban and Regional Planning

Gene Boles
Position: Program Manager of the Community Outreach Partnership Program
Areas of Expertise: Sustainability

Kathryn Frank, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Environmental Planning, Ecosystem and Watershed Management, Collaborative Planning, Adaptive Governance, Civic Engagement, Systems Theory

Dawn Jourdan, Ph.D., J.D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Affordable Housing, Community Planning, Growth Management, Historic Preservation, Participatory Community Development, Sustainability, Intergenerational Participation
Office: 469 ARCH

Joseli Macedo, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Areas of Expertise: Community Planning, Cross-Cultural Design, Global Contexts, Housing Studies, International Planning, Sustainability, Urban Design
Office: 436 ARCH

Ruth Steiner, Ph.D.
Position: Associate Professor
Office: 464 ARCH

Paul Zwick, Ph.D.
Position: Professor, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs, Ph. D. Director, Director of GeoPlan Center
Areas of Expertise: Sustainability
Office: 431 ARCH