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Interior Design Awarded 1st place in National Design Competition

April 03, 2015
This year’s IDEC Student Design Competition, sponsored by the Council for Interior Design Qualification, tasked students with creating a research-based prototype of a patient room, incorporating unique and creative solutions that promote healing and family interaction with patients. This two-week competition was coordinated within the IDEC Regions, 37 schools submitted 99 student entries. The top 18 entries were displayed at the 2015 IDEC Annual Conference.

This year’s First Place Undergraduate Entry was awarded to Victoria Bryer, Senior Interior Design student, and Faculty Advisor, Candy Carmel-Gilfilen, IND Undergraduate Coordinator.

When notified on the award Bryer stated, “This is such an honor and I am thrilled to be part of our amazing Gator nation. There is no greater joy than to be surrounded by such supportive and innovative faculty and students- what a blessing! This department has provided me with so many opportunities.”

“Placing first in the 2014 IDEC competition, reinforces our position of leadership in design research and application,” said Meg Portillo, Chair of the Department of IND. “The healthcare focus that Professor Candy Carmel-Gilfilen has integrated into the senior year of the interiors program combines evidence-based design and narrative inquiry. This creative integration recognizes both cognitive and emotive qualities of a patient-centered healthcare experience. Notably the last two healthcare studios spearheaded by Candy resulted in national award-winning student projects.”

Click here to view the winning project.

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