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Field Trips

To gain first hand exposure to design within urban settings, the interior design faculty organize several required field trips for the juniors and seniors so that they can tour and experience design firms as well as see innovative interior installations, design products, architecture and art. One unique feature of the Chicago and Atlanta trips is that faculty work with the host designers to engage students in on site creative problem-solving or in reviews of student work.

Study Abroad and Domestic Programs

We strongly encourage students to participate in a domestic and/or study aboard program before they graduate. Within the College of Design, Construction and Planning, we have many offerings to choose from including an exciting summer program in historic preservation in Nantucket and the ever popular Vicencza Institute in Italy. Other design based programs from outside the college may be approved on a case by case base. For example, interior design students have enrolled in sustainable and product design courses in the Danish Institute for Study Aboard.