Department of Interior Design
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Interior design is both an art and a science that involves the creation of imaginative and well conceived spaces that:

  • Serve the needs, function, and requirements of individuals
  • Provide a sense of place within both public and private spaces for group and individual activity
  • Are appropriate and sustainable
  • Include the community, owners, users, designers, planners and contractors as active participants in the design process.

Nationally Recognized Program

We see graduates from our interior design programs as becoming great leaders in the field. This well recognized leadership stems from a commitment to evidence-based design that emphasizes the role of research in guiding the design process. This research approach uncovers critical information that informs design decisions. Other unique program features include:

  • Being part of a multi-disciplinary design college, affording the opportunity to connect with historic preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, building construction, and planning
  • Being part of a leading public institution offering exposure to many specialized disciplines and programs
  • Being part of a large, dynamic campus with ongoing opportunities for building and design projects with real clients and real needs.

Research Based Design

  • Unique design field experience requirement linking students with internships, research, global and domestic design study programs, and service learning opportunities
  • 4-year accredited professional degree program with opportunity to complete a 4 + 1 Master’s of Design program
  • Interdisciplinary MID and doctoral programs with an interiors concentration

Studio Learning Experience

Studio learning defines the core of the interior design program at UF. Design studios engage students in intensive research, design development and solutions. With faculty mentors, students develop the thinking, technical, creative, and pre-design research skills to become positioned for leadership in the field. In the upper division studios, each student has his or her own work station in a secure, yet fully accessible space. The studios are equipped with digital sketch tablets for critique and work reviews, plotters for large scale color printing and digital projectors for presentations. Further, the limited enrollment of the studio sections generally have no more than 16 students per section, facilitating a strong working relationship with the faculty. Typically, two faculty members team teach each studio and, therefore, bring a diversity of perspectives and design experience to the students.

Accreditation Status

The department of interior design has been continuously accredited by Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly FIDER) since 1973.