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Preservation Institute Nantucket

Preservation Institute Nantucket (PIN) is the nation’s oldest field school for historic preservation. Officially launched in 1972, nearly 600 participants have attended the program to date, studying and recording over 100 sites on Nantucket. Today, the program offers participants hands-on experience in cultural heritage conservation (historic preservation) from an international perspective while helping document, research, conserve, interpret, and manage the island’s remarkable heritage.

Faculty and participants explore heritage at three scales: urban and cultural landscape, architecture and interiors, and materials and technologies. Each summer, some 12 Guest lecturers and instructors from public agencies and private organizations – from on and off the island – introduce topics impacting international cultural heritage conservation including: values, policies, threats, interpretation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The work of the Institute is helping explore the potential nomination of Nantucket to the World Heritage List.

Guest Instructor and Lecturers
Lisa Ackerman, Vice President of Programs, World Monuments Fund
Kerstin Barup, Preservation Architect and Professor, Lund University and Royal Institute of Art, Sweden
Glenn Boornazian, Architectural Conservator and Principal, Integrated Conservation Resources
Bonnie Burnham, President, World Monuments Fund
Rudy Christian, Timber Frame Expert and President, Christian & Son, Inc.
Kirk Cordell, Executive Director, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Michael Devonshire, Director of Preservation, Jan Hird Pokorny Associates
Holly Donohoe, Heritage Tourism Specialist and Assistant Professor, Tourism, University of Florida
Mats Edström, Preservation Architect and Professor, Lund University
Andy Ferrell, Chief of Architecture and Engineering Program, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Christy Lombardo, Architectural Conservator, Integrated Conservation Resources
Stephen Morris, Chief of International Affairs, National Park Service
Jeff Price, Lime Expert and Principal, Virginia Limeworks, Inc.
Lisa Sasser, Preservation Architect and Tradesperson, Retired from National Park Service
Norman Weiss, Architectural Conservator, Integrated Conservation Resources
Jeremy Wells, Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Roger Williams University

PIN Summer 2015 Application
PIN 3D Laser Scanning Workshop and Field School

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