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Envision Heritage Initiative

Launched by the Historic Preservation Program in 2012, the University of Florida’s Envision Heritage initiative explores how new and emerging technologies can be used to document, preserve, and interpret heritage sites. The initial research projects of Envision Heritage utilize a 3D laser scanner to quickly and accurately record the physical design and conditions of historic buildings and structures. The scanner projects a laser beam into the environment and collects points that reflect the distance and location of the building being scanned. The scanner is able to collect 122,000 to 976,000 points per second. These points are then merged into a three-dimensional “point cloud” model of the historic building and site. Highly accurate measurements and other information can be obtained from the model. Traditional black-and-white line drawings, photo-realistic plans, sections, and elevations, and video walkthroughs are some of the products that can be generated from the 3D scanning.

Current Envision Heritage 3D laser scanning projects include:

Envision UF
Envision MODERN
Envision Heritage Initiative Brochure