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The graduate Interdisciplinary Concentration and Certificate in Historic Preservation (ICCHP) was created to integrate existing historic preservation resources across the College of Design, Construction and Planning and ultimately to do so across the campus in response to broadening interest in historic preservation. The ICCHP is offered to students seeking graduate degrees in DCP, Museum Studies, Anthropology and Tourism. Inclusion of other departments, schools, and colleges to students outside of DCP continues.


The ICCHP allows Masters and Ph.D. students majoring in architecture, building construction, interior design, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, museum studies, anthropology and tourism to learn about the basics of historic preservation. Within the concentration, students are exposed to the breadth of topics in preservation as well as the fundamental characteristics of the field. With these goals in mind, the students must meet the following requirements for the concentration and certificate.

Each master’s student must take at least 4 courses with a minimum of 12 credits of approved historic preservation or related courses while Ph.D. students are required to complete at least 5 approved historic preservation or related courses for 15 credits. In addition, the following requirements apply:

  • All students must take Introduction to Historic Preservation (DCP 6710)
  • All students must maintain a minimum grade of “B” in each course in order to complete the concentration

If the student does not complete the off-campus Preservation Institute: Nantucket (PI:N) summer program, which accounts for 9 credits over 3 courses, these additional requirements shall apply to qualify for the ICCHP:

  • At least one course must be outside the student’s own college;
  • Another course must be outside the student’s discipline (outside the student’s department or school)
  • At least one course must be a 3-credit graduate history course – only one 3-credit history course can be applied to the ICCHP
  • Students may include courses in their plan of study for the ICCHP that are not on the approved list provided the ICCHP Governing Board reviews and approves the proposed courses

Administration of the Interdisciplinary Concentration

Students must file a plan of study for the concentration at least two semesters prior to graduation. The plan of study must be approved by a designated advisor within a participating unit and the ICCPH Governing Board. In addition to relevant background information about the student, the plan of work shall include a list of all University of Florida courses that the student will complete for the concentration and when they are scheduled to be taken.The plan of work allows their progress to be tracked to ensure that the student completes all required components of the interdisciplinary concentration.

How to Apply

Students interested in pursuing the Interdisciplinary Concentration and Certificate in Historic Preservation (ICCHP) must submit the Application for Intent to Pursue, complete the required courses, and submit the Application for Completion. Both the intent to pursue and the completion application must be approved by the ICCPH Governing Board.

Each application must first be approved by the student’s advisor to the ICCHP. The advisors are as listed below depending upon the student’s discipline of study (school or department). The Application for Intent to Pursue must be submitted no later than at the beginning of the student’s third semester or the semester prior to graduation so that the student can consult with the advisor and review the course of study prior to undertaking the ICCHP. The Application for Completion of the ICCHP, indicating the project, thesis, or dissertation title, and the student’s transcript must be submitted upon completion of the requirements, at the end of the final semester. Provided the Governing Board approves the Application for Completion and upon processing at the Graduate School, the concentration will be listed on the student’s transcript. The student will also receive a certificate indicating completion of the ICCHP.

Advisors and Discipline of Study

Guy Peterson – Architecture
Roy E. Graham – College of Design, Construction and Planning
Walter Dukes – Building Construction
Morris Hylton III – Interior Design
Kay Williams – Landscape Architecture
Kristin Larsen – Urban and Regional Planning
Glen Willumson – Museum Studies
Brijesh Thapa – Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Managment
Kenneth Sassaman – Anthropology


Required (3):

DCP 6710: Theory of Historic Preservation

General Credits (9):

College of Design, Construction and Planning

DCP 6711 Historic Preservation Practices
DCP 6931 Building Analysis
DCP 6931 (ARC 6821) Historic Preservation Practicum
DCP 6931 Cultural Resource Management


ARC 6705 Advanced Topics in Architectural History and Theory
ARC 6912 Modern Architecture
ARC 6226 African Architecture
ARC 6356: Advanced Graduate Preservation Studio 3
ARC 6821: Preservation Problems and Processes(Beinecke-Reeves)
ARC 6822: Preservation Programming and Design(Beinecke-Reeves)
ARC 5791: Topics in Architectural History(I)
ARC 6750: Architectural History: America(I)
ARC 6793: Architectural History: Regional(I)
ARC 6821: Preservation Problems and Processes (PI:C)
ARC 6821: Urban Conservation Seminar
ARC 6822: Preservation Programming and Design ( PI:C)
ARC 6851: Technology of Preservation: Materials and Methods I
ARC 6852: Technology of Preservation: Materials and Methods II
Preservation Institute: Nantucket (PI:N)
ARC 5800: Preservation Theory and Practice
ARC 5810: Techniques of Architectural Documentation
ARC 6805: Building Analysis, Conservation and Design
Preservation Institute: Caribbean (PI:C)
ARC 6357: Advanced Topics in Architectural Design
ARC 6911: Summer International Travel Seminar
ARC 6932: Advanced Topics in Architectural Methods

Building Construction

BCN 6585: Sustainable Construction

Interior Design

IND 5106: History of Interior Design I
IND 5136: History of Interior Design II
IND 5157: Preservation of Historic Interiors
IND 6154: Preservation of Historic Interiors: Historic Interior Materials

Landscape Architecture

LAA 6716: History of Landscape Architecture


LEI 6839 Heritage Tourism

Museum Studies

ARH 6895 Museum Registration Methods (needs department approval)
ARH 6797 Introduction to Museum Studies (needs department approval)

Urban and Regional Planning

URP 6541 Economic Development
URP 6855 Urban form in the Americas
URP 6341: Preservation Graduate Studio
URP 6100: Planning Theory and History
URP 6884: Community Conservation and Revitalization

Note: (I) Offered periodically