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Historic Preservation at the University of Florida

The University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program prepares leaders in the field of heritage conservation (historic preservation) by engaging the people and processes associated with researching, conserving, and managing the world’s heritage resources.

The Historic Preservation Program fulfills its mission by:

  • Connecting domestic policy and practices to national and local cultural resources;
  • Encouraging an international perspective in coursework, activities, and opportunities offered through the Center for World Heritage Research and Stewardship;
  • Undertaking community-based research projects that promote public awareness of the preservation process;
  • Helping expand the understanding—including type and scale—of heritage resources;
  • Devising new management approaches that address the many forces—social, economic, environmental, technological, etc.—impacting heritage;
  • Offering experiential (hands-on) and applied learning opportunities through programs like the Preservation Institute: Nantucket, and on-going work in St. Augustine and other historic districts throughout Florida, the United States, and the world;
  • Engaging the world’s leading experts in coursework and activities, such as short courses and lecture series.
Founding Principles

The University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program was founded on the principles of fostering a service-learning approach and addressing the critical and emerging issues of heritage stewardship globally.

Interdisciplinary collaboration from faculty and students within the College of Design, Construction and Planning; structured as five core academic units, namely: architecture, building construction, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Identification and preparation of students for scholarship and practice in the disciplines and fields associated with heritage conservation;

Community engagement in those places the research and practice are embedded;

Framing a global perception and fostering the development of significant experiences for students and faculty focused on heritage conservation in a number of regions and engaging international stakeholders.

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