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Martin Gold

Martin Gold

Associate Professor
School of Architecture
office: 231 ARCH
phone: 352-294-1474
Curriculum Vitae

  • M.Arch., University of Florida, 1994
  • BDes, University of Florida, 1991

Advanced Graduate Studio 2
Advanced Graduate Studio 3
Architectural Lighting Design (graduate seminar)

Environmental Technology 1
Environmental Technology 2
Design Studio 8

Research Interests

Associate Professor Gold has over fifteen years of experience in architectural design, education, and research, specializing in the environmental technologies with an emphasis on infrastructural, civic and residential projects responsive to the climate and character of the Florida landscape. His work has garnered local, state and national design and service awards. He teaches graduate and undergraduate design studios, lecture and seminar courses and supervises master and doctoral projects that advance research-based environmental design and sustainable methodologies. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Florida Community Design Center, a nonprofit entity that studies and develops proposals for sustainable urbanism, enhanced mobility, and improved community engagement in the design process.

Architecture evokes meaning through the phenomenal discourse between sensation and thought. Architects who explore this dynamic poetry and achieve synthetic relationships between the practical, metaphysical, subliminal and tangible, transpose building from mere commodity into Architecture.