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Honor Roll of Donors (2013-14)

DCP is fortunate to receive many gifts from alumni and friends, all of which have a measurable impact on the quality of our students, faculty and programs. The honor roll printed here includes gifts to DCP from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. We also gratefully acknowledge the many others who prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you for your continued support!

Note: We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If an error has been made, we apologize and ask that you contact the DCP development office at 352-294-1422 or

$100,000 to $999,999

Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, Inc.

$50,000 to $99,999

CEMEX Foundation, Inc.
Current Builders
Dailey Janssen Architects

$10,000 to $49,999

Balfour Beatty Construction
Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP
Brandon Construction Co. Gen’l Cont.
David L. & Dana K. Brandon
Clark Construction Group LLC
Construction Assn. of South Florida
DPR Construction – CS
Dale R. Hedrick & Cathleen T. Burk
J. Raymond Construction Corp.
Juneau Construction Co.
Masonry Assn. of Florida, Inc.
John A. & Janet L. McIntyre
National Housing Endowment
Howard E. & Mrs. C. Gayle Nelson
Osceola Foundation, Inc.
J. Stephen & Carol A. Powell
Siemens Corp.
The Turner Construction Co. Foundation

$1,000 to $9,999

Acousti Engineering Co. of Florida
American Engineering & Development Corp.
Gus I. & Mrs. Fotini Andy
ANF Group, Inc.
James H. & Betty Anstis
ARCO Design Build Construction Co., Inc.
Argos Ready Mix LLC
David S. & Joyce Armbruster
Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
Atlantic Concrete Wash Out
Backwoods Bridges LLC
Daniel L. & Cynthia Baker
Baker Concrete Construction
Bank of America Foundation
Barton Malow
Batchelor & Kimball, Inc.
BBI Construction Management, Inc.
Carol C. & Vasant P. Bhide
Donovan Blanchard Trust
Thaddius W. & Joy A. Blinn
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Matthew S. & Mrs. Shannon L. Brown
Builders Assn. of North Central FL, Inc.
Burkhardt Construction, Inc.
Bonnie S. Burnham
C.Q. Insulation, Inc.
Richard K. Cannon
CB Constructors, Inc.
CCK Construction Services, Inc.
CEMEX Materials LLC
Charland Rurey Construction, Inc.
Cleveland Electric Co.
Coastal Construction Group
Coastal Homes
Community Foundation of Broward
Gary D. Condron
Nancy K. Condron
The Conlan Co.
Construction Cost Services LLC
Conti Corp.
Myron L. Corets
James A. Cummings, Inc.
Linda M. Czopek
Ebsary Foundation Co.
E-Builder, Inc.
Brooks D. Eden, Jr.
Falkanger, Snyder, Martineau & Yates
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Ferman Automotive Management Services
Florida Wood Window & Door, Inc.
Lance S. & Susie Frankham
G. T. McDonald Enterprises, Inc.
Sue B. Gaintner
Gen-X Construction, Inc.
Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.
Kathy W. & Michael A. Gilkey
Michael A. & Laura H. Gilkey
Michael S. & Denise V. Goldman
John M. & Lucia M. Gooding
Paul S. Goodwin
Gresham, Smith & Partners
Grycon LLC
Haskell Co.
Hedrick Brothers Construction Co., Inc.
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Maxine M. Hinze
The Holder Construction Foundation
Inglett & Stubbs Electrical Construction
ITEC Entertainment Corp.
J.E. Charlotte Construction Corp.
J.E. Dunn Construction Co.
Roger P. & Karyn I. Janssen
Johnson Architectural Metal Co.
Sidney J. & Donna M. Jordan
Katz Barron Squitero Faust
Michael Kaufman
Kiewit Infrastructure Group
KVC Constructors, Inc.
Scott B. & Patricia H. Lagueux
Larimer Shannon Group, Inc.
Thomas V. & Rhoda A. R. Lawrence
Lotspeich Co. of Florida, Inc.
Mader Southeast
Mann Mechanical Co., Inc.
Mateu Architecture, Inc.
Roney J. & Eunice C. Mateu
McCarty Building Cos., Inc.
Mikell A. McElroy
McIntyre, Elwell & Strammer
Miller Construction Co.
Susan K. Miller
Moss Construction Managers
Moye, O’Brien, O’Rourke, Pickert, et al.
Mark & Jenny T. Mummert
The Nassal Co.
National Roofing Foundation
NCM Demolition & Remediation LP
David Nelson Construction Co.
Jeffrey D. & Deborah A. Nelson
Nielson, Hoover & Co.
Angel & Frances M. Oliva
P & A Roofing and Sheet Metal
Patrick & Toni Walsh Charitable Fdtn.
PCL Construction Services, Inc.
Dorothy Powell Peck Trust
Peckar & Abramson
Guy W. & Cynthia L. Peterson
JB & MK Pirtle Char Found Inc.
Plateau Excavation, Inc.
Plaza Construction Group Florida LLC
Plum Creek Timber Co.
Pomeroy Electric, Inc.
John Stephen Powell III Trust
Michael Harris Powell Trust
Power Design, Inc.
Quality Labor Management
Sands Construction Co., Inc.
Michael S. & Anne C. Santarone
Scherer Construction of N. Florida LLC
SECO Architectural Systems
Elizabeth S. Seymour
Samuel R. & Stephanie H. Sharpe
Shaw Contract Flooring Services, Inc.
The Hon. Donald D. & Jeannett B. Slesnick
Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal
Sta-Dry Roofing
Steel LLC
Steel Fabricators, Inc.
The Stellar Group
Stiles Construction
William G. & Susan A. Storrs
The Stowell Co., Inc.
Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.
Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.
Tampa Pavement Constructors
Tappouni Mechanical Services, Inc.
Taylor, Cotton & Ridley, Inc.
The Eden Charitable Foundation
The Marker Group LLC
The Questcom Group, Inc.
Turner Construction Co.
Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A.
The Villagers, Inc.
Cynthia L. Vislay
Patrick J. & Toni A. Walsh
Webcor Construction LP
J. Coby & Stacie C. Welch
Winter Park Construction Co.
F. Louis & May Jean Wolff
Michelle Lynn Wood Trust

$500 to $999

A.F.N. Consulting, Inc.
Harry P. Ackerman
Allied Building Products Corp.
Alpha Omega Construction S.W. FL., Inc.
Robert P. & Carol Beth Angle
Angle & Schmid, Inc.
Associated Steel & Aluminum, Inc.
Auld & White Constructors LLC
B & M Equipment Rental & Sales
Daniel Baker
John M. Bartkovich
Base Consultants, Inc.
BCM Construction Management
Bechtel Group Foundation
Cecilia E. Billingsley
Biscayne Construction Co., Inc.
Camille C. & B. Allen Borden, Jr.
C.C. Borden Construction, Inc.
Richard L. Boswell II
Bradford Electric, Inc.
William A. & Vicki L. Browne
Lois A. Bush
C & F Electric, Inc.
C & S Roofing Co.
Robert W. & Catherine D. Caldwell
Calic Group, Inc.
Adam M. & Lara R. Carnow
Carr, Riggs & Ingram
CECE, Inc.
Center for Architecture Sarasota, Inc.
Centerline Utilities, Inc.
Daniel P. Christman
Clancy & Theys Construction Co.
Robert D. & Jennifer L. Clark
Coastal Masonry, Inc.
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
Alex Cottrill
Kenneth B. Cox
Richard C. Crisson
Cuhaci & Peterson
DACA, Inc.
Danner Construction Co., Inc.
DBIA South Central Region
DBIA Southeast Region, Inc.
Design-Build Institute of America
Sean M. & Lisa M. Dillon
John R. & Della A. Dinsmore
Division 5 Steel, Inc.
Donnellan Construction Corp.
Robert C. & Carol J. Dornblaser
The Downtown Sarasota Alliance, Inc.
Doyle Electric Services, Inc.-Tampa
Ed Waters & Sons Contracting
Electric Services, Inc.
Brendan P. & Kathryn S. Ellis
Garry Figler
William G. & Sarah E. Fischer
Floors ‘N More Direct
The Fluor Foundation
Gate Cos.
Gates Construction
W. W. Gay Mechanical of Gainesville
Gerdau Ameristeel
Gilbane Building Co.-Florida Region
Stephen T. & Martha L. Golby
William W. & Jeanne T. Green
Gulf Building Corp.
Allan J. Hall & Lori E. Gold
Brady K. & Stephanie S. Harris
HD Supply
Steven M. & Victoria R. Heiser
HJ Foundation, Inc.
Integra Construction Group LLC
Ivey Mechanical Co. LLC
J. McLauchlin & Company
Jarvis & Folsom, Inc.
Johnson Laux Construction
Key Glass LLC
Gregory P. & Joan E. Kniseley
Kobrin Builders Supply, Inc.
Scott P. & Mrs. Kim Lyons
M.M. Parrish & Associates Realtors LLC
Lysander Marrero
Maxim Crane Works
Kevin F. McCann
Donnie R. & Judy A. McDaniel
McEnany Roofing, Inc.
Miller Electric Co.
Michael L. Miller
Mill-Rite Woodworking Co., Inc.
Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.
Morton Electric, Inc.
Naples Lighting & Fan Depot
Naples Lumber
Newmans Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
James C. & Diane Nicholas
Peninsular Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Performance Door & Hardware, Inc.
Platinum Coast Dry Cleaners
PMC Painting
Pond & Co.
Gregory A. & Mrs. Briget S. Pope
Preferred Builders of Florida, Inc.
Prestige Concrete Products
Todd G. Raquet
Linda K. Remsen
Lance Renton
Nelly M. & Brian J. Rice
Ripa & Associates
Octavio Robles
Kevin Donald & Tiffany L. Rowland
Royalaire Mechanical Services, Inc.
William D. & Leslie Jo Rusch
T.R. Rushing Construction, Inc.
Gerard R. Schmid (d)
Timothy J. Sergenian
Ryan P. Shafchuk
W. Douglas & Janice E. Snyder
Sofarelli & Associates
Southeast Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
James J. Spears
Storrs Architect P.A.
Tampa Bay Trane
Stanley G. & Joanne M. Tate
Thermal Construction Specialists
Titan America
Trapper Enterprise, Inc.
Tremron Group
Trinity Construction Management LLC
Wal-Mark Contracting Group LLC
Walsh Management LLC
Karl E. & Beverly O. Weis
Wellington Professional Stucco & Drywall
West Star Interiors, Inc.
Stanton & Anne C. West
Wiginton Fire Systems
Williams Co.-Management Group
Robert E. Williams
Milton J. Wood Co.

$100 to $499

A Cut Above Lawn & Landscaping
Elizabeth R. & Gary J. Abernethy
Bonnie R. & Thomas J. Abrado
Action Labor of Florida LLC
Advanced Painting Contractors, Inc.
AJAX Building Corp.
Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC
A. Miles & Lisa H. Albertson
Mark T. & Mary Albright
Mark S. & Kathy R. Ambach
Garrett J. & Amy R. Anderson
John P. Anderson & Rosemary A. Weil
Ronald E. & Martha J. Anderson
Raymond H. & Cheryl C. Antosh
Arazoza Brothers Corp.
Leandro A. & Josefina Q. Arroyo
Benjamin K. & Mrs. Inelissa R. Artzt
Aspen Air Conditioning, Inc.
Elmer S. & Carol M. Atkins
Thomas W. & Mrs. Charleene K. Atkins
Atlantic Doors & Hardware, Inc.
Atlantic Plastering, Inc.
George H. & Regina R. Austin
B & I Contractors, Inc.
William E. & Jane G. Baird
Brandon S. Barber
Dan T. & Frances C. Barnes
Barracuda Builders
Barranco RLA, Inc.
David L. & Denise L. Barth
Batson-Cook Co.
Jerry H. Bell
John F. Bennett
Jim & Carol H. Bentley
Eve G. & Jett Beres
Lynn S. Billingsley
C. Merritt (d) & Leah H. Bird
Robert J. & Patricia G. Bitterli
Richard S. & Anne H. Black
Kent M. & Jane Blocher
Richard L. & Regina A. Boswell
Tayler M. & Catherine A. Boyd
Arthur H. & Elizabeth Y. Brawn
Bright Future Electric LLC
Julie Broadway
Brothers Fire Protection, Inc.
Ann M. Brown
Gary L. & Carol S. Bruehler
Don W. & Judy C. Bruner
Joseph M. Burgett
Richard R. Burris
Abby R. Butcher
Nathan R. Butler & Kathleen P. Ast
Glendon F. Byron
C.R. Dunn, Inc.
Camino Real Group, Inc.
Lynne S. & Michael Capece
Cargill, Inc.
Margaret H. & David Carr
Castle Constructors Co.
Armando & Esperanza J. Cazo
Centerline Utilities, Inc.
Certified Slings, Inc.
Charland Construction, Inc.
David O. & Mary M. Charland
Jesse W. & Ida R. Childre
Abdol R. & Mrs. Shahpar R. Chini
Chi-Wen W. Chu & Ping-Wei W. Chang
James G. & Lacey P. Clark
William R. & Susan F. Clark
Robert L. & Ann W. Claudy
Timothy N. Clemmons
Shannon M. Close
Coastal Construction Products, Inc.
Coastal Mechanical Services LLC
Coastal Millworks, Inc.
Nicole Codell
Richmond D. Cogburn
Collinsworth,Alter, Lambert LLC
Luis A. Colon Rodriguez & Zolia Fernandez
Donald H. & Judith J. Conkling
Control Systems Specialists, Inc.
Gary D. & Carol G. Cook
Cooper Johnson Smith Architects, Inc.
Clyde W. Copeland
Anne B. & Matthew L. Cowan
Scott Cox
Sally E. Coyle & Quentin R. Caron
William M. Coyne
Crawford-Tracey Corp.
David W. & Stephanie L. Crawley
Creative Contractors, Inc.
Richard C. Crisson
Cross Construction Services, Inc.
Crossroads Construction Co.
Christian G. Cummings
Timothy R. & Wanda Curington
Laura A. & James H. Curtis
Brad Dalbol
Wayne M. Dankner
George W. Davis
Deevan Incorporated
William R. & Patricia E. Derrer
Rick Diaz
Paul W. & Laura A. Dickert
My Van Do
Mrs. Latane N. & Daniel W. Donelin
Paul A. & Kathy G. Donofro
Richard L. Doty & Suzanne L. Roulston-Doty
Jonathan H. Dowell
DPR Construction, Inc.
Zebulun & Harelle C. Duncan
Kevin M. & Cheryl A. Durham
William P. & Cynthia M. Ebert
Eddie Huggins Land Gradin Co. LLC
James H. Edwards
Robert B. & Roxanne T. Edwards
Christina F. & Kurt A. Ewoldt
ExxonMobil Foundation
Herman L. & Elizabeth J. Fagley
Falkanger & Snyder Asbestos Consult Svcs
Joseph G. & Joan Farrell
David E. Ferro
Janis K. & Robert S. Fleet
Dennis Forstner
James G. & Frances C. Foster
Ronald H. Foster, Sr.
Ronald H. & Stephanie T. Foster
Kathryn I. Frank
Julie S. & James T. Frey
Gene & Nan Fuelberg
Michael J. Gagnon
Robert & Cynthia B. Gallardo
Richard C. & Kimberly K. Gaskin
Gator Gypsum
W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc.
Thomas E. & Elizabeth J. Gillespie
Matthew Gillis
Shannon R. & Diane A. Ginn
Paul C. Gips
Kari L. Glasser
Jennifer L. Glenn
GMF Construction LLC
Marjorie F. Goldman
Timothy A. Good
Amy M. & B. J. Gordon
William D. & Sheri W. Goreschak
Mrs. Jean W. & Lt. Col. David F. Gray, Jr., USAF (R
Jason E. Green
Jeffrey S. Greene
Julius M. & Kathleen A. Gribou
Donald F. & Eryn L. Grill
Jennifer A. Grinnan
Charles F. & Mrs. Nobuyo S. Gronauer
Keith L. Groninger & Camie Carson
Erik H. Gunderson
James R. & Martha Y. Hall
Sean M. Hamilton
Eric A. Hamm
Allen L. & Mrs. J. Renae Hand
Lillian G. & Thomas J. Hanley
Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings, Inc.
Paul R. & Joy C. Hardaker
Hardee Family Foundation, Inc.
Robert K. & Linda A. Harman
Scott M. & Beth Hollander Harris
Arlynn Hartfiel
William J. & Mrs. Siiri Hasey
William J. Hassel
Lonnie S. Hatcher, Jr.
Hawkins Construction, Inc.
Kim T. Haynes
Robert S. & Mary A. Hemstad
Carol H. & Col. Darrall R. Henderson
Gary W. Hendren
Henkelman Construction, Inc.
Randolph C. & Margaret P. Henning
Gary L. Henry
Peter M. & Debra K. Hepner
Eric S. Herlihy
Molly Hester
Thomas X. Hietpas
Steven C. & Lisa A. Higgs
Thomas J. Hofer
Edward C. & Barbara A. Hoffman
Nicholas D. Hohman
Thomas W. Holmes
Gary E. Holton
Byron T. & Elizabeth J. Hood
Mrs. Terry S. & Ashby B. Hoover, Jr.
Ann L. Horgas-Marsiske & Michael Marsiske
Philip E. & Mrs. Bianca L. Hornik
C T Hsu & Associates, P.A.
Carl L. Hubbard
A. C. & Debra K. Huber
Hunton Brady Architects, P.A.
Michael C. & Dawn M. Huskey
Mitchel A. Hutchcraft
IBM Corp.
Anthony W. & Jessica Ingrassia
Diaz Fritz Isabel General Contractors
J.S. Thomas Mechanical LLC
Wingate A. & Marilynn C. Jackson
Jacobson and Associates
Charles T. & Mrs. Jean M. Jahren
Dominick J. & Tamera W. Jattuso
Laurie L. & Douglas S. Jaworski
JAX Refrigeration
Jason W. & Mrs. Summer L. Jensen
John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning, Inc.
David R. & Laura P. Johnson
Gerald P. & Jeannine G. Johnson
Richard P. & Denise H. Johnson
Thomas M. & Pamela J. Johnson
Timothy L. & Pamela P. Johnson
Gail M. Jones
Theresa L. Jones
Joyner Construction, Inc.
JR. Davis Construction Co., Inc.
Frank J. Kalinski
Kan, Inc.
Kenneth C. & Rhonda Katz
KBR, Inc.
John W. Kearns III
Keenan, Hopkins, Schmidt & Stowell
Gary L. Keene
Drew & Lois E. Keith
Asa C. (d) & Ann M. Kelley
John R. & Laura G. Kiker
Ross E. & Ann T. Kirk
John & Kathleen B. Kish
James T. & Elizabeth K. Klecker
Kleen Sweep, Inc.
Richard P. Komosky
Scott R. Koons
Aldo J. & Amy S. Kosuch
Mrs. Maryrose K. & David B. Kramer
Jonathan B. & Jodi J. Kurtis
Allen T. & Prudence C. Kusano
L2 Studios, Inc.
Lawson L. Lamar II
Christina H. Lathrop
Gregory B. Lauderdale & Margaret Juedes
Robert T. Lauramoore & Janet R. Frank
Luis R. Lavergne
Brittany K. Lee & Jesse W. Culbreth
Kha Le-Huu & To-Lan Trinh-Le
Mark A. & Joan Leonard
Leonardo Naveiras, Inc.
Richard Levine
LNR Property LLC
Robert D. & Nanci N. Londeree
David J. & Marilyn Lukomski
Joseli Macedo
Cindy C. & Kenneth H. MacKay III
Michael E. & Katie M. Madariaga
Louis J. & Beth Anne Magill
Michael D. & Mrs. Carissa Maira
Malone Electrical Solutions LLC
Marcobay Construction, Inc.
John J. Martignago & Jan C. Poindexter
Colonel Jack W. & Evelyn R. Martin
Wade L. & Elizabeth F. Martin
Michael R. Mason
Marcos Maya & Scherezade Rojas
Brenda McCabe
George R. & Jewell R. McElvy
McGriff-Williams, Inc.
Tony A. McMahon
Kevin G. McMichael
John A. & Michelle A. McPhaul
Gilbert C. & Mary J. Medeiros
Jeremy B. Mehrman
Marcus A. & Jennifer Meide
Philip G. Meng
Honor Merceret
Lauren Kay & Roger D. Montz, D.M.D.
Morette Co.
Mouw Associates, Inc.
Richard & Ellen Mouw
Garry J. & Penny A. Moyer
MUEngineers, Inc.
Rose M. Nealis
Margaret A. Nelson & Donald V. Fullerton
NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc.
Stephanie L. Norris
NuJak Co.
Daniel B. O’Keef
Mark S. Oliver
Skip & Elizabeth A. Olmstead
Onicx LLC
Orr And Associates, P.A.
Palm Beach Glass Specialties, Inc.
Eric H. & Carol M. Palmer
Stephen R. & Linda M. Palmer
Eugene & Kimberly Pandula
J. Mozell & Gail B. Payne
Thomas E. & Patricia A. Peacock
Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc.
Carlos F. Perez
Matthew J. Phillips
Phoenix Painting Co.
Christopher A. Pine & Marcia Chiono
William A. & Linda L. Pinto
Allan W. Pither
Gordon L. & Susan Postle
Laurie E. Potier-Brown & Richard F. Brown, Ph.D.
Gail M. Powell-Cope & Terry W. Cope
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Nancy A. Prine
Pro-Crete Systems, Inc.
Edward A. & Betty R. Proefke
Edward A. Proefke, Jr.
Proshell Construction Services, Inc.
Prof. Peter E. & Anne S. Prugh
Elsbeth C. Puckett
Joan C. & William E. Randolph, Jr.
John F. & Dalia F. Ranon
Nicole M. Rappaport
Louis F. & Bridget H. Ray
Registrar Office
Robert Reibold
Nilo C. & Patricia S. Regojo
Roger D. & Mrs. Alesia A. Rehfeldt
REP Services, Inc.
Cesar D. Reyes
William D. Richardi
William K. & Lana G. Rinaman
Robins & Morton Group
M. William & Deborah G. Rochat
Rood Landscape LLC
Todd A. Russell
Ryan Incorporated Southern
Nicholas P. Salce
Salisbury Construction Service Corp.
Robert F. Santamaria
Debra J. & James R. Sappington
Jose I. & Maria E. Sarasua
Sasso Air Conditioning, Inc.
Carol P. Sayre
Michael S. & Mrs. Natlie C. Scammell
Craig I. Schaffer
David J. & Rena L. Schmit
Donnie G. & Mary Ellen Seale
Bradford J. & Diana L. Sedito
Marlene M. & Fred G. Semke, Jr.
Michael D. & Valerie V. Sharon
Sharpe Project Developments, Inc.
Thomas H. & Mary Lynn Shaughnessy
Reginald S. Shelley
Gregory H. & Linda L. Siefker
Paul J. Sierra Construction, Inc.
Paul J. & Elise Sierra
Leon R. & Betty L. Sikes
Daniel L. Simmons
E. T. Smith
Marc M. & Laurie S. Smith
Robert C. & Jane L. Smith
Robert F. & Ellen M. Smith
John R. & Anne D. Sofarelli
Michael F. Sofarelli
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Southland Contractors Group, Inc.
Deanna S. & Dempsey S. Springfield
William H. & Marjorie P. Squires
Father Daniel Stack
Stan Weaver & Co.
Kimberly M. & Timothy L. Stanley
Earl M. & Dorothy J. Starnes
Michael E. Stearns
Bruce K. & Joyce K. Stechmiller
Ruth L. Steiner, Ph.D.
Gregory L. & Robin R. Stepp
Jared A. Stern
Matthew S. Stevens
Paul C. Stevenson & Justina W. Judge-Stevenson
Joshua A. Stewart
William L. Stewart
Roger H. & Mrs. Tobie A. Stitt
Student Chapter of NAHB
Dennis M. & Sandra S. Suarez
Thomas M. Sullivan
Suncoast Autobuilders, Inc.
Stephen Z. Taminosian
Mark A. & Karyn L. Tarmey
TCAC, Inc.
Templeton & Company LLP
Tad A. & Diane T. Templeton
Terry’s Electric, Inc.
Myoe K. Than
James P. Thayer, Jr.
David L. Thomas
Randall E. & Rosetta A. Thron
Thurn Construction, Inc.
James P. Toffoli
Zeljko M. & Maria Torbica
Jon E. Tori
Maruja Torres
Raymond Trescot
Trigram LLC
J. Morris Trimmer
Thomas P. & Mrs. Acela D. Troffer
Tucker Construction & Engineering, Inc.
L. Mills & Ann S. Tuttle
Randy S. & Sheryl A. Tyo
UCC Group, Inc.
United Rentals
Universal Fire Systems, Inc.
Frank D. Usina, Jr.
Alyson Utter & Karl W. Ritter
Paul G. Valyo, Jr.
Scott A. & Ann M. Varga
Paul Vera
Robert W. & Jenny L. Verner
Jacob K. Vickers
Margaret Viele
Kurt R. & Denise M. Von Der Osten
Wayne E. & Dawn C. Wadsworth
Richard & Lisa J. Wainer
Benjamin L. & Carole Walbert
Walker Architects, Inc.
Walter Britt Masonry, Inc.
Walton, Lantaff, Schroeder & Carson LLP
Waterbook Builders LLC
Karen N. & Michael H. Weiss
Wells Fargo Foundation
Charles M. & Jill J. Wells
David O. & Karen L. A. White
David A. & Barbara E. Whitehill
Julie S. & Kevin H. Wilkinson
Andrew B. Willard
M. Dee Williams & Joseph B. McLeod, Jr.
Stephen E. Williams
Craig E. & Ilene I. Wilson
Ferd E. & Debra K. Winget
Wolfson & Associates P.A.
Working Capital Consultants, Inc.
YourCause LLC
Michael M. & Mrs. Laina M. Zajkowski
Yimin Zhu & Li Li

$1 to $99

Elise C. & Thomas A. Abbate
Cayley J. Abrado
Michael L. & Sandra P. Adams
Matthew P. Allen
Habib E. & Mrs. Daad J. Al-Moussallie
Elizabeth S. & Douglas K. Anderson
Terrell K. & Miriam M. Arline
Miette A. Asmus
Rouaa M. Atyah
Erica Dawn & Taylor H. Aultman
Brooks W. Ballard
Brenda Jean Barefield
Col. Jay M. & Lisa M. Bargeron
Patricia A. Barritt
Richard J. A. Bartlett
Richard A. & Audrey S. Bell
Cathy L. Berlow
Terry & Mrs. Anicia S. Biglow
Robert S. & Lillian P. Bird
Clyde F. & Judith L. Birdsong
James A. & Ann K. Blair
Ronald E. & Mrs. Zoe Anne M. Blair
Joseph J. & Sally G. Blazina
James P. & Tara M. Blythe
Edward F. Bobowski
Randall W. & Jennifer B. Boe
Alexander Bond, AICP
Michele & Stephen E. Borst
John F. & Lisa A. Burket
William A. & Pauline S. Burkhart
Matthew H. & Cynthia L. Butler
Regina O. & Robert G. Button
Stephen A. & Penelope P. Buzzell
Luke T. Bymaster
Gaetan A. & Carol A. Caiazzo
Evelyn P. Cairns
Audrey G. & Luis Camacho
George E. & Amelia F. Canelas
Scott R. & Kathleen A. Cannard
Dani Cano
John J. Carlson
Clarissa L. Carr
John R. & Lynn E. Carter
Patricia F. & Harry D. Castelli
Paul S. Catania II
Julie E. Champeau
Kyle T. Champeau
Christopher J. & Nicole T. Chapman
Raymond D. & Marilyn P. Christensen
Donald G. Clemens, Jr.
Jeffrey J. Cohen
Martha D. & Jerry W. Collins
James M. & Dana D. Colson
Christopher D. Cook
Gail & Clayton Cook
William G. Cooper
David & Veronica Couto
Donald R. & Lu Crews
Victor J. & Linda Y. Cribb
Donna S. & Dale E. Cronwell
Johnnie O. & Suzanne C. Crosby
W. L. Culver
Eddie W. Daniel, USN, RET
Douglas D. Dankel II
Paul H. Darrow
Jon K. & Stacey A. Davis
Reate Davis, Jr
Jeremy C. & Jennifer C. Dawkins
Alireza Dayerizadeh
Nancy K. & John W. Deam
Lea D. Del Tosto
Matthew R. Demers
Clifton J. & Georganna B. Derrick
Daniel A. Diaz
Girlamo J. DiChiara
Darlene A. Dickerson
Cynthia K. & Rory A. Dittmer
Darryl R. Ditzel
Judith A. Ditzel
Ronald E. Domitrovic
Lorie H. Drewke
Hillary Driscoll-Olds & Thomas D. Olds
Ron & Sonja DuBois
Mary Ann Eaverly
John J. & Michelle R. Eckerle
Jennifer A. & Stephen C. Elder
Donald F. & Lynn A. Elliott
Mark S. Elliott
Shirley Ellison
Jennifer V. Escobar
Joel A. Fedora
Justin M. & Jennifer E. Fedora
Theodore G. & Cheryl M. Fery
Susan V. Feuer
Christopher L. & Katherine Fillie
T. Scott Fink
Thomas J. & Kathy Finnell
David S. & Barbara G. Forest
Norman F. & Gail S. Fox
Franklin G. & Connie S. Frail
Markus A. & Cynthia Frankel
Allan B. & Michele R. L. Franklin
Pamela J. French
Jane M. Gannon
Genaro & Theresa E. Garcia
Bruce J. Garren
Justin E. Gelcynski
George G. & Jeanette L. Gentile
Joseph M. & Marcy H. Gibbs
Irbye G. Giddens
Sarah M. Gillespie
Lori N. Glenn
Phillip G. Griffith
Laurence J. & Rita G. Grossman
Jennifer K. Gustafson
Guy Peterson OFA, Inc.
Clifford A. & Mrs. Wallie B. Hammer
Lucile V. Hammond
R Thomas D. Hampton
Deirdre J. R. Hardy
Bernard P. & Shirley C. Harter
Lawrence C. & Debra M. Hartfield
Mike C. Hastings & Morris Hylton III
Michelle A. & Bruce C. Hazen
Raymond L. & Marilyn J. Hendricks
Darlene Henrichs
Christopher R. & Tina G. Herr
Linda Heshmat
Antonio M. & Maria C. Hevia
Grace & Stephen W. Hinton
F. J. Hoffman & Glennie Weller-Hoffman
Charles T. & Lisa A. Hogan
Roger A. Humphreys & Cecelia Voeller
Michael E. Huston
Robert A. & Deborah K. Isaac
Christina R. Jertberg
Drew D. & Mirjam E. Jeter
Greg Johnson
Rachel E. Johnson
Chad C. & Candy L. Jones
Jim & Joyce C. Kalemeris
Richard A. & Vicky S. Kelley
Frank & Mrs. Sonji H. Kendrick
Lionel & Ellen N. Kier
C. Frasuer & Martha S. Knight
Robert H. & Leslie A. Knight
Clayton E. & Ann M. Kohlmeyer
Larry A. Konefsky
Brian A. Kuncman
John P. & Mrs. Mariclaire E. La Forte
Rob & Wendy W. Landry
Kristin E. Larsen & Glenn A. Acomb
Stanley S. & Jeannie W. Latimer
Anna Lee Hoge & John D. Hoge
Luis A. & Susan C. Leorza
Jason & Bonnie L. Levine
Caleb E. Lewis
Jessalyn Leyra
Liang A. Li
David L. Lodinger
Tristan W. Lowry
Joe Lukomski
William L. Lyle, Sr.
Jarell W. & Mrs. Angellena Martin
William E. & Katherine A. Martin
Miguel R. & Margarita M. Massens
Steven C. Mast
Judy & Jerry Matula
William A. Mazurie
Orlan M. McCall
Judith V. & Thomas McDonnell
Carter N. & Laura S. McDowell
Richard R. McLaughlin
Robert A. McNab
Jesse J. Meyer
Eric Meyerhoff
Jean A. Michelson & Ronald I. Shorr
Isabelle M. & Michael E. Miller
Erin C. Minnigan
Annya Moreno
Gilda P. & Niberto L. Moreno
Stacey A. Muscat
Christopher J. Nemethy
Paul B. & Donna W. Newsome
T. Blair Nowlin
Sherrie A. Nunn
Sylvia Ogburn
Ora E. & Oliver Owensby
Charles M. & Lisa B. Oxman
Phillip D. & Mrs. Terry A. Ozell
John E. Page & Sandra B. Mitzner
Nadja Palenzuela
Rachel A. Parker
J. Clyde & Annette Parlier
Robert M. & Cathy S. Paterson
Rose M. Petrucha
Christine E. Phillips
Marsha J. & Douglas C. Phillips
Andrew D. Pilder
Michael J. Pittman II
Christine A. L. Pokorney
William G. & Carol A. Poulin
Patsy A. & Ralph R. Pritts
James D. & Michelle M. Reeves
Robert Reibold
Robert A. & Shirley H. Richard
Brittany R. Roberts
Thomas M. & Kristine B. Roberts
Kyle E. Robinson
Shane R. & Meredith E. Rogers
Allan I. & Ann C. Rose
Jeffrey S. Russell
Irene Salley
Luis D. Sanchez
Amy A. & Chad D. Schafer
Sallie A. & Jerry A. Schattner
John H. Schmitz, Jr.
Thomas R. Schreiner
Scott R. Monroe Construction Mangement
Linda A. Searl & Joseph M. Valerio
Cardiff J. Shea
Donald E. & Lynn A. Sheppard
Tonya L. Slaton
William R. & Lynn B. Sloan
Alan D. & Leslie L. Smith
Brendan J. & Mimi Smith
Geoffrey E. & Myra G. Smith
Gregory T. Spanski
Antony W. Stefan & Sylvia S. Lim
Theodore L. & Victoria E. Steinwender
William W. & Carmen A. Stevens
Larry M. & Laurie K. Strickland
John R. Strid
Lauren A. Stubbs
Amy S. Sung
Frederick W. & Marjorie J. Switzer
Timothy M. & Brenda D. Talbert
James D. & Melanie M. Talkington
Karen A. Taylor
Robert E. & Kathy A. Taylor
David D. Tonnelier
Dale T. & Mary A. Townsend
Caroline M. Ueberschaer
Leland H. Ulmer
Edward A. & Melissa Valley
Frederick R. & Cathy A. Vandercook
Matthew S. Vanture
Rafael A. & Rebeca Viego
Arnaldo & Maria M. Villar
Diana G. Waite
Rafal Walisiewicz
Douglas T. & Mrs. Ilse M. Wallace
James N. & Sandy Walsh
Bradley S. & Sara S. Walters
Shelby M. Ware
Kelly C. Weaver
Susan Webb Bottcher & Adelbert B. Bottcher
Charles L. & Christine Wegner
K. Brooks & Susie Weiss
Grant E. Wenrick
Stephen J. West
Samantha F. White
Douglas A. & Michelle L. Whittum
Judith L. Wieman
Gregory M. & Rachel E. Wikan
Gary P. & Patricia W. Wilkins
James K. & Cynthia H. Williams
Michael W. Williamson, Jr.
Robert C. Wise
Chuck Woods
Wyatt R. & Mrs. Adeen M. Woolverton
Allie M. Wright
Charles C. & Cynthia L. Yannette
Paul D. & Mrs. Malea L. Zwick