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Honor Roll of Donors (2008-09)

DCP is fortunate to receive many gifts from alumni and friends, all of which have a measurable impact on the quality of our students, faculty and programs. The honor roll printed here includes gifts to DCP from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009. We also gratefully acknowledge the many others who prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you for your continued support!

Note: We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If an error has been made, we apologize and ask that you contact the DCP development office at 352-392-4836 or

$100,000 to $999,999

Nancy V. Perry
J. Stephen & Carol A. Powell Trust
Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, Incorporated
G. W. Robinson Builders, Incorporated
Wachovia Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999

The Fluor Foundation
Holder Construction Company
William C. & Phyllis I. Taylor

$10,000 to $49,999

Robert P. & Carol Beth Angle
Angle & Schmid, Incorporated
AXA Equitable
Baker Concrete Construction
Balfour Beatty
Bergelectric Corporation
Donovan Blanchard Trust
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Charles Perry Construction, Incorporated
Clark Construction Group LLC
James A. Cummings, Incorporated
Current Builders of Florida, Incorporated
Florida Association of Realtors
Gerdau Ameristeel
The Haskell Company
Jim & Joyce C. Kalemeris
Kiewit Southern Company
McIntyre, Elwell & Strammer
Nash, Incorporated
Cliff Nash
National Electrical Contractors Association
Howard E. & Charlotte G. Nelson
Osceola Foundation, Incorporated
Stephen R. Palmer
J. Raymond Construction Corporation
Gerard R. Schmid
Skanska USA Building, Incorporated
John R. & Anne D. Sofarelli
James W. Stine
Suffolk Construction Company, Incorporated
TGSV Enterprises, Incorporated
Vulcan Materials Company
J. Ardene & Jo V. Wiggins
Michelle Lynn Wood Trust

$1,000 to $9,999

A.C.C. Advanced Coating & Caulking, Incorporated
Acousti Engineering Company of Florida
AIA Treasure Coast
American Institute of Architects
ANF Group, Incorporated
Associated Builders & Contractors, Incorporated
Associated General Contractors of America
Auld & White Constructors LLC
Balfour Beatty Construction
Ruth N. Bartley
Beta Theta Pi (Gamma Xi Chapter)
Builders Association of North Central Florida, Incorporated
Catlin Interiors, Incorporated
Juliana M. & Harold H. Catlin
Clancy & Theys Construction Company
Community Foundation of Broward
JoAnn & Robert D. Crebbin
Linda M. Czopek
Edson E. Dailey, Jr.
S. David & Company, Incorporated
William R. & Patricia E. Derrer
Elkins Constructors, Incorporated
Robert S. & Janis K. Fleet
Charles S. and Gail F. Gamble
Gate Precast Company
W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Incorporated
Michael A. Gilkey, Incorporated
Joseph A. & Sara L. Giunta
Michael S. & Denise V. Goldman
Paul S. Goodwin
Greg and Gail Jones LLC
Hardin Construction Company LLC
Hawkins Construction, Incorporated
Hedrick Brothers Construction Company, Incorporated
William T. Hemphill, Jr.
G. L. Homes of Florida Corporation
Interface, Incorporated
Diaz Fritz Isabel General Contractors
Jeff E. Charlotte Construction Corporation
John Carlo, Incorporated
William C. Johnson
Mrs. Elin B. Justice
KVC Constructors, Incorporated
Mathews Construction of Tampa, Incorporated
Maxim Crane Works LP
Mellen C. Greeley AIA Foundation, Incorporated
Miller Construction Company
Miller Electric Company
W.G. Mills, Incorporated
Cleta Moody
National Housing Endowment
National Center for Construction Education & Research
David Nelson Construction Company
James C. & Diane Nicholas
Judy L. & William F. Oehl, Jr.
Angel & Frances M. Oliva
Stephen R. & Linda M. Palmer
Perry McCall/Charles Perry Constructors
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
PPI Construction
James P. & Pamela J. Raab
Ramski & Company, Incorporated
Jennifer E. & Russell Ramski
Ranon & Partners, Incorporated, Architects
Mark A. & Cynthia M. Roberts
Robins & Morton
Scherer Construction & Engineering of North Florida LLC
Maxine L. & Professor R. Terry Schnadelbach
Samuel R. & Stephanie H. Sharpe
Donna M. & William J. Shively
Darrell L. & Janet M. Smith
The Stellar Group
Kimberly L. & Stephen J. Stewart
James W. & Deborah D. Stine
Tappouni Mechanical Services, Incorporated
David G. & Judy G. Tillis
Kenneth & Helyne B. Treister
Tritt & Franson, P.A.
Truant Construction LLC
TTV Architects, Incorporated
Turner Construction Company
United Forming, Incorporated
University of Salford
Paul L. & Pamela B. Verlander
Tri T. Vu
Wal-Mark Contracting Group LLC
The Weitz Company, Incorporated
Weitz Golf International
F. Louis & May Jean Wolff
Zoller Family Foundation

$500 to $999

A S A P Enterprises of Sarasota, Incorporated
Aetna Construction, Incorporated
Aldridge Arts & Antiques, Incorporated
Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing Company
ARCO Design/Build Construction Company, Incorporated
David K. Arctur
Thomas W. & Charleene K. Atkins
Brian J. Bascle
BBI Construction Management, Incorporated
C. Beaudoin
Cecilia E. Billingsley
Joffre T. & Teresa Boston
Dennis A. & Constance G. Brammeier
Brandon Construction Company
Barry P. & Susanne W. Bullard
C & S Roofing Company
Capform, Incorporated
Winnifred B. Chiarella
R. John Clees
Coastal Mechanical Services, LLC
Construction Cost Services LLC
Coreslab Structures
Creative Contractors, Incorporated
Crossroads Construction Company
Kion C. & Mary E. (D’Angelo) Darkshani
Deerbrook, Incorporated
Drawdy Brothers Construction, Incorporated II
Gail Easley & William L. Farrell
James D. & Catherine A. Ellspermann
Fabco Metal Products LP
William G. & S. Elizabeth Fischer
Flagler Development Group
Jonathon Gibbons
Timothy A. & Carol G. Good
John M. & Lucia M. Gooding
Scott P. Groomes
Allan J. Hall & Lori E. Gold
Todd Hallam
Thomas J. & Lillian G. Hanley
HCBeck, Limited
Henkelman Construction, Incorporated
Arthur C. & Abbe E. Higginbotham
HRH Safety & Health Systems
Rick & Kathleen C. Hugins
Michael C. & Dawn M. Huskey
April J. & John D. James
JBI Surety Group LLC, Incorporated
A. Ronald & Elizabeth Stauber-Johnson
Joyner Construction, Incorporated
Jay Kautzman
Kobrin Builders Supply, Incorporated
L.M.C.C. Specialty Contractors, Incorporated
Hugh L. Latta
Robert E. & Carol M. Lifton
LKO, Incorporated
Patrick W. & Debra A. McClane
Mechanical Services of Central FL, Incorporated
Merit Professional Coatings, Incorporated
Nick Mesarve
Modern Plumbing Industries, Incorporated
National Gypsum
P & A Roofing and Sheet Metal
Palmer Electric Company
M.M. Parrish Construction Company, Incorporated
PCL Construction Services, Incorporated
Zhong-Ren Peng
Pinnacle Plumbing, Incorporated
James B. Pirtle Construction Company, Incorporated
Robert B. & Joan Porter
Edward A. & Kathleen A. Proefke
Reedy Creek Improvement District
Linda K. Remsen
Jay G. & Amy W. Rosen
Todd A. Russell
Sands Construction Company, Incorporated
Richard H. Schneider
Timothy J. Sergenian
Skanska USA Building, Incorporated
E. Tyson Smith
Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal
Edwin I. & Sherry D. Strayer
T&T Construction of Central FL, Incorporated
Terry’s Electric, Incorporated
Trigram LLC
Trimmer Education Foundation
Vulcan Materials Company
Karl E. & Beverly O. Weis
West Star Interiors, Incorporated
Stanton & Anne E. West
Wilmot Construction, Incorporated
Thomas Wood
Diana M. & Todd R. Yankee

$100 to $499

Elizabeth R. & Gary J. Abernethy
Able Body Labor
Air Temp & Horizon Metal Works, Incorporated
AJAX Building Corporation
A. Miles & Lisa H. Albertson
All-Rite Fence Company, Incorporated
American Planning Assn. Florida Chapter
Maria C. & Thomas T. Ankersen
Raymond H. & Cheryl C. Antosh
Benjamin K. & Mrs. Inelissa R. Artzt
Elmer S. & Carol M. Atkins
Steven Wilson & Cathy Wilson Auld
AXA Foundation
Walter Bajsel
Lt. Col. William H. Baker
Bankers Insurance Group, Incorporated
Marko L. Barkovich
Dan T. & Frances C. Barnes
Agustin J. Barrera & Alina Gallego
Barth Construction, Incorporated
Batten Construction, Incorporated
Bechtel Foundation
David W. & Faith M. Beebe
Michael Jason Bier
W. Robert (d) & Lynn S. Billingsley
Brady L. Binde
C. Merritt & Leah H. Bird
Patricia G. & Robert J. Bitterli
Loraine A. Black
Boyce H. Blackmon
Kenneth L. Blevins
Dean M. & Shirley A. Blowers
David A. Bockian
Bollenback Builders Incorporated
Camille C. & B. Allen Borden, Jr.
David C. & Tiffany H. Brady
Douglas E. & Mrs. Bridgett L. Brookbank
Laurie E. Potier-Brown & Richard F. Brown, Ph.D.
Ryan J. Brown
William A. & Vicki L. Browne
Robert E. & Frances M. Broxton
Charles W. Bryson
Paul Brzozowski
Troy D. Buhs
Burkhardt Construction, Incorporated
Vincent G. & Sharon H. Burkhardt
Richard R. Burris
Butler Construction Company, Incorporated
John M. & Sherri L. Butler
Lance T. Butler
William P. & Terrie D. Byrne
Campbell W. & Mrs. Ethlyn D. Caldwell
Robert O. & Mary E. Campbell
Daniel T. & Mrs. B. C. Canavan
Margaret H. & David Carr
Carson Construction, Incorporated
Joseph E. & Kelly Carson
Jeffrey V. Caruso
Dolores R. Cerra
CH2M HILL, Incorporated
Jesse W. & Ida R. Childre
Richard D. & Mary H. Churchill
James G. & Lacey C. Clark
Robert D. & Jennifer L. Clark
Robert L. & Ann W. Claudy
CMR Constructors, Incorporated
C. Bradley & Denise V. Cochran
Elizabeth C. Collins
Donald H. & Judith J. Conkling
Gary D. & Carol G. Cook
Howard F. & Patricia D. Cook
Myron L. & Mrs. Ditta Weiner-Corets
Anne M. Burtchell-Cowan & Matthew L. Cowan
Sally E. Coyle & Quentin R. Caron
Cross Construction Services, Incorporated
James R. & Cathy I. Crowe
Steve E. & Mrs. Reeda G. Culbreath
Christian G. Cummings
Mark C. Curenton
Laura A. & James H. Curtis
Michael D. Custar
Kenneth B. & Tiffany A. Dennis
Perry A. Diamond, Jr.
Charlotte C. Dison
Thomas J. Donovan, Jr.
Robert C. & Carol J. Dornblaser
Randall C. Dragon
Douglas S. & Angela M. Dresie
Betty L. Dumas
Don J. & Rebecca J. Durham
Kevin M. & Cheryl A. Durham
Patty J. Durham
William P. & Cynthia M. Ebert
Andrew J. & Carrie A. Echenique
John J. & Michelle R. Eckerle
Bradford K. & Jean R. Edgerly
Robert B. & Roxanne T. Edwards
John P. & Sandra M. Ehrig
Timothy S. Ekberg
Jill Eleazer-Sokol
Steven B. & Valerie Ensinger
Kurt A. & Christina F. Ewoldt
Executive Coaching & Clinical Counseling
ExxonMobil Foundation
L. Scott & Audrey G. Fetterhoff
Michael A. & Diane C. Finn
Timothy J. Fitzsimmons
Michael D. & Kimberly M. Foley
Peter S. Fong
James G. & Frances C. Foster
Eric B. Foulke & Margaret J. Costin
Luke A. & Paula E. Frantz
Kelly G. & Priscilla P. Frye
Gallagher Building Corp.
Jeffrey S. & Shelly M. Galloway
Kevin L. Gardner
Cecil & Gail S. Garvin
W. W. Gay Mechanical of Gainesville
Geomarks Land Surveyors, Incorporated
Louis C. George, Sr.
Garry D. & Donna I. Gerard
Leonard A. & Pamela M. Geronemus
Robert O. Ghiotto
Hilda M. & David D. Gilchrist
Giles-McIvor, Incorporated
Kimberly J. & Colby T. Gill
James S. Gilman
Paul C. Gips
GIS Associates, Incorporated
Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Incorporated
Global Impact
Bradley M. & Laura H. Goeb
Elizabeth L. & Clifford P. Goodhart
Bruce T. (d) & Carolyn L. Gora
William D. & Sheri W. Goreschak
Lt. Col. David F. & Jean W. Gray
William W. & Jeanne T. Green
Mark L. & Mary A. Greenfield
Bruce A. & Virginia M. Gude
David B. & Jenny Hall
Neil L. & Mary K. Hammack
Allen L. & J. Renae Hand
Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings, Incorporated
Paul R. & Joy C. Hardaker
Marion & Leila M. Harrison
Lawrence C. Hartfield
William J. & Siiri Hasey
Christopher L. & Michele L. Hatfield
Linda P. & Lynn E. Hayes
Kim T. Haynes
Greene-Hazel Associates, Incorporated
Steven M. & Victoria R. Heiser
Col. Edward E. Heit
Robert S. & Mary A. Hemstad
Hays P. Henderson
Randolph C. & Margaret P. Henning
Suzette K. & Russell B. Hicks
Steven C. & Lisa A. Higgs
Chandra E. Hodoval
Thomas J. Hofer
F. J. Hoffman, Jr. & Glennie Weller
Van A. & S. Suzanne Hogan
Matthew C. & Katherine Hoglund
Michael C. Holbrook
H. Alan & Denise F. Holderith
Willard R. & Patricia A. Hollingsworth
Gary E. Holton
Byron T. & Elizabeth J. Hood
Martha H. & Robert W. Hopkins
Robert E. & Carin E. Horn
Richard B. Horsey
Valerie J. & Allen P. Hubbard
Hugins Construction Corporation
Ralph E. & Sharon G. Hurst
Anthony W. Ingrassia
C. Scott & Elizabeth Isabel
Jeffrey K. & Debra D. James
Laurie L. & Douglas S. Jaworski
David R. Johnson
Debra M. Johnson
Gayla S. Jones
Paul V. & Christin L. Jones
Joseph T. & Mary L. Jordan
Sean A. Junker
KBR, Incorporated
Raymond J. & Carolyn J. Kearney
Jack A. Keith
Asa C. & Ann M. Kelley
Richard G. & Doris J. Kerstner
Glenn F. Keyes
Bahman & Susan Khosrowzadeh
Lionel & Ellen N. Kier
Ross E. & Ann T. Kirk
John & Kathleen B. Kish
Robert Kissick
James T. & Elizabeth K. Klecker
Gregory P. & Joan E. Kniseley
Richard P. Komosky
Scott R. Koons
Allan A. Kozich & Associates
Michael B. & Cheryl Kracunas
Larry C. & Martha M. Krietemeyer
Jonathan B. & Jodi J. Kurtis
Kerrin E. & Henri A. Laari
Scott B. & Patricia H. Lagueux
Lt. Col. Alan R. & Micci L. Lamb
Land Design Innovations, Incorporated
Mark S. & Linda C. Landsberg
Lassiter Ware Insurance
Carol C. & Richard B. Laughlin
Robert T. Lauramoore & Janet R. Frank
Shelton Lee
Lana Lewin-Ross
Andrew L. Lewis
Laura J. Little
Cary Liu
Lloyd Craftsmen, Incorporated
Louisiana State University Foundation
David J. & Marilyn Lukomski
Robyn Denny MacKay Interiors, Incorporated
Robyn Denny & George Al MacKay
Michael E. & Katie M. Madariaga
Louis J. & Beth Anne Magill
Michael D. & Carissa Maira
Robert L. & Suzanne S. Maphis
Herbert L. Martin
Katherine & William E. Martin, Jr.
Thomas O. Martin
Jack J. & Joan Matlock
William A. Mazurie
McCrory Construction Company, Incorporated
Hunter E. McCrossin
Ryan A. McDavid
Mikell A. McElroy
George W. & M. Lynn McGonagill
D. F. McKnight Construction Company, Incorporated
John M. & Dorothy D. McMahon
Tony A. McMahon
Kevin G. McMichael
John A. & Michelle A. McPhaul
John A. Meier
Michael L. Miller
Janice E. & George E. Mills
Jon R. Molloy & Vickie G. McClure
Lucy & Ray Moody
A. Michael & Carol Lynn Moore
Jack & Ina T. Moore
Vincent M. & Kristy M. Moreschi
Sara E. Morris & William D. Mercer, Jr.
David Morrison
James A. & Betty J. Moses
Penny L. & Garry J. Moyer
Donna A. Mullen
Brian C. Murphy
The Murray Company
Jesse Myers
Carroll M. & Barbara S. Nall
Brian J. & Holly F. Natwick
Long Nguyen
Brian T. & Staci R. Nicholson
Robert W. & Patricia G. Nora
Stacy & Sarah R. Norman
Stephanie L. Norris
Lawrence S. & Charlotte B. Northup
Patrick R. Nutt
Wayne W. O’Hara
Lindsey E. Ore
Allison A. Owen
Eric H. & Carol M. Palmer
Arash Parham
Gail S. & Wayne D. Parsons
J. Mozell & Gail B. Payne
James R. Pearce, Jr.
Bruce F. & Kelly J. Peterson
Tara H. Picciotti
Terrell H. & Amy D. Plaag
Gregory A. Pope, Jr.
Pro-Crete Systems, Incorporated
Edward A. & Betty R. Proefke
Professional Kitchens, Incorporated
Wende K. & Terry L. Pruden
Publix Super Markets Charities, Incorporated
R.A. Piccalo, Incorporated
Mrs. Jan T. Randall
Joan C. & William E. Randolph, Jr.
Larry H. & Linda K. Register
Roger D. & Alesia A. Rehfeldt
Deborah C. Reid
Robert M. Rhodes
William K. & Lana G. Rinaman
Donald W. & Jennifer B. Roberts
J. Andrew Roig
Ronald B. Rollins
Sheli A. Romer
Nelson & Dora Romero
Allan I. & Ann C. Rose
Rowland, Incorporated
William D. Rusch
Barry Rutenberg & Associates, Incorporated
Jason A. Sanders
Michael S. & Anne C. Santarone
Erik S. & Alecia M. Santiago
Debra J. & James R. Sappington
Jose I. & Maria E. Sarasua
Donald L. & Jeanne N. Savage
David J. & Rena L. Schmit
John W. & Mrs. M. Susan Schneid
Gary A. & Sharon Reid Schreiber
Arlan D. Schulze
Charles R. & Joan S. Scott
Donnie G. & Mary E. Seale
Christopher Sears
Michael D. & Valerie V. Sharon
Mark C. & Brenda J. Shaughnessy
Thomas H. & Mary L. Shaughnessy
Stephen D. & Lisa B. Shay
Juanita D. Shearer-Swink, FASLA & Rodney L. Swink
Nicholas D. & Terri M. Shelow
Linda B. & Scott B. Siemens
Paul J. Sierra Construction, Incorporated
Paul J. & Elise Sierra
Gina E. Sierra-Townsend & John E. Townsend
Kenneth R. Siggs
Linda V. & Larry D. Simpson
Robert C. & Jane L. Smith
Susan S. Smith
Willis A. Smith Construction, Incorporated
W. Douglas & Janice E. Snyder
Sperry & Associates, Incorporated
Sphere Analytical Solutions LLC
Robert D. & Tammy H. Springer
Harriet E. Spruill
William H. & Marjorie P. Squires
Linda W. & Albert L. Stanley
Earl M. & Dorothy Jean Starnes
Richard G. Stebbins
Ruth L. Steiner
George W. Stephenson III
Gregory L. & Robin R. Stepp
Jared A. Stern
William L. Stewart
Erich B. Strong
Dennis M. & Sandra S. Suarez
James R. & Julie A. Suddeth
Douglas M. & Theresa A. Sutter
Robert E. & Kathy A. Taylor
Todd C. & Jeanna S. Taylor
TCAC, Incorporated
James T. Tharp
James P. Thayer, Jr.
David L. Thomas
Dean A. & Grace I. Thomas
Randall E. Thron
Josh S. Tilley
TLC Concrete Construction, Incorporated
Zeljko M. & Maria Torbica
Maruja Torres
Linda Travis
Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Incorporated
Allen G. S. & Stacey M. Troshinsky
Randy S. & Sheryl A. Tyo
Caroline M. Ueberschaer
Hector E. Valdez
Alfred T. & Lisa Van Broekhoven
Robert W. & Jenny L. Verner
Wayne E. & Dawn C. Wadsworth
David E. & Janet A. Wagner
John Wagner Associates, Incorporated
Charles W. Wakefield
Benjamin L. & Carole Walbert
Patrick & Toni Walsh Charitable Foundation
Daniel J. Waters
Water-Tite Solutions, Incorporated
Doss K. & Wendy T. Watson
Charles M. & Jill J. Wells
Lea Wells
Melvin C. & Judy J. Wetherington
Robert J. Whitcomb
Craig E. & Ilene I. Wilson
John S. & Barbara A. Winesett
William M. Wing
Arthur O. Wittman II
Kevin R. Wojtowicz
Enrique A. & Carol Woodroffe
Michael A. & Sherryl B. Wozney
William G. & Heidi S. Wright
Janice Young & Associates, Incorporated
Michael M. & Laina M. Zajkowski
Stephanie R. & Douglas P. Zaragoza
Zurich American Insurance Company
Paul D. & Malea L. Zwick

Up to $99

Jason R. & Yonca Ables
Roger A. Aman
Conroy S. C. Anderson
Robert E. & Rose M. Anthon
Associated Builders & Contractors
Judith A. & Michael J. Austin
Patricia A. Barritt
Cleo A. Bass
William C. & Wanda P. Bauer
Eric C. & Angela F. Baumgarten
Harvie J. Belser, Jr.
Jean I. & Helen I. Benjamin
Cathy L. Berlow
Alexander T. Bond
Todd W. & Rhonda L. Bonnett
Stephen L. & Martha F. Boruff
Rose M. & John R. Brasgalla
Louise D. & Gil J. Brodnitz
Kathryn E. Brown
Christopher M. Buccino
Richard J. & Catherine Burket
Sarah E. & Jimmy D. Butler
Glendon F. Byron
Lauren M. Caby
Gaetan & Carol A. Caiazzo
Lynne S. & Michael Capece
John R. & Lynn E. Carter
Alfonso I. & Maria M. Chao
Christopher J. Chapman
Julie Ann Charvat & Byron Mouton
Abdol R. & Shahpar R. Chini
Raymond D. & Marilyn P. Christensen
Dwayne A. Cline
James B. Cochran
David A. Cohen
Judith E. Cook-Parks & Marvin L. Parks
Ray A. & Robinette Cooper
Samuel R. Cooper
Donald A. Crichlow
Donna S. & Dale E. Cronwell
Nelson M. & Hortensia Cuadras
Robert D. & Jennifer Cunningham
Mrs. Terrell H. & Woodson P. Daniel III
Virginia S. Daniel
Diane & Gary G. Daughenbaugh
George W. De Cardenas
Nancy J. & John W. Deam
Cristina V. & Craig H. Decker
Clifton J. & Georganna B. Derrick
Jay C. Devine
John R. & Ae Jung Dewenter
Nicola & Adele Dima
Cynthia K. & Rory A. Dittmer
Latane N. & Daniel W. Donelin
Patricia H. Douglas
Hillary Driscoll-Olds & Thomas D. Olds
H. Glenn & Ann R. Dunn
Energy Conservation Services of North Florida, Incorporated
Thomas J. & Kathy Finnell
Ana C. Fischer & Debra Warner
James C. Flayler & Pam Jackson
Fluor Corporation
Charles M. Foster, Jr.
Pamela J. French
Joseph M. & Robin L. Galinis
Christopher M. & Pokcha Garito
Robert C. & Kristin K. Gause
Gen-X Construction, Incorporated
Margaret J. Gillen
John T. Glennon
Jeffrey W. & Andrea L. Godman
Lesley Y. & Michael P. Goldman
Jan W. Gorman
Daniela Gorny
Maria P. & Jerome J. Guidry
Frederick M. Gutierrez
Frank L. & Patricia A. Hansen
Robert K. & Linda A. Harman
John H. Hendricks
Gary L. Henry
Christopher R. & Tina G. Herr
Harvey S. & Alice D. Hoffenberg
Charles T. & Lisa A. Hogan
A. C. & Debra K. Huber
Kelly M. Hughes
David L. Hutchinson
Allen D. & Susan Jablonski
Wingate A. & Marilynn Jackson
Alexandra O. Johnson & Joseph M. DiPietro
David R. & Laura P. Johnson
David W. & Lori H. Johnson
Kathleen S. & Lamar Kauffman
Thomas H. & Mary V. Keller
Gary R. & Maureen M. Kelley
Bruce P. & Jill M. Kern
Donald E. & Lilly L. Kline
Richard C. & Heather L. Knight
Robert H. & Leslie A. Knight
Kenneth L. & Tonya M. Koch
James A. & Mrs. Livia M. Koepp
Michael F. & Hope W. Lamantia
Stanley S. & Jeannie W. Latimer
Lori L. Lazo
M. J. Levy Dickson
Vera M. Porter-Liberti & Macho D. Liberti
Marino N. Llamas
Dale J. & Cheryl O. Long
Lousiana Softball Coaches Association
Cindy C. & Kenneth H. MacKay III
Michael P. Madsen
Eunice Malave & Carlos M. Castillo
Brenda A. Kwateng-Mann & Morris C. Mann
Randall A. & Katherine Mars
John G. Marshall
Jay R. Mason & Jacqueline A. Doherty
Bryan W. McCloskey & Megan Wall
Timothy M. & Sally R. McConkey
Nathan B. McMullen
Honor Merceret
Blaine E. & Sandra D. Miller
Stephanie Mixon-Miller
William H. Moncrief
Lauren K. & Roger D. Montz
Richard L. Mullis
Lois Myers
Isaac A. & Mrs. Bryn M. Nadeau
Paul W. & Donna W. Newsome
Hai T. Nguyen
Marcus I. Oberlander
Kimberly R. Ogren
James M. & Ruth D. Owenby
Ora E. & Oliver Owensby
Kathleen W. Pagan
Robert M. & Cathy S. Paterson
Carolina P. Pelleya
John A. Perez
Chetan P. Phadke
Anthony J. Polito, Jr.
Patsy A. & Ralph R. Pritts
Prof. Peter E. & Anne S. Prugh
Camille Puckett
Paul J. & Gail M. Riegelmayer
Anthony A. & Mrs. Nieves Rivas
William L. & Sylvia W. Rivers
Dana Rogers
Suzanne S. Rucker
George & Nadia K. Scheffer
Robert E. & Amy E. Scherzer
Theresa & Larry M. Schmidt
Linda A. Searl & Joseph M. Valerio
Sallee E. Silverman
Rex R. & Mary W. Simensen
Betsy Smith
Southern Company Services, Incorporated
Henry W. & Betty H. Spiker
Lisa J. & Jan Stacholy
Marcie J. Stenmark
Charles J. Stevens
Ronald W. & Clara M. Stine
Matthew B. & Robin Sutliff
Swing and Sway Dance Club
Robert C. & Ann F. Tatom
Simon K. & Deborah W. Trumble
William E. & Freda C. Tschumy
Janet E. & Paul J. Turnburke
Unilever United States, Incorporated
Marianne Upson
Mary E. & Andrew P. Valente
Richard & Lisa Wainer
Thomas J. & Denise C. Walsh
Kerry J. & Derk T. Weinheimer
Brian S. & Carrie L. White
Thomas L. White
Frederick W. & Kelley B. Wiedenmann
David Wigginton
William F. & Kathy Wilsher
Robert C. Wise
Mrs. Carlina J. & James M. Womeldorph
Adam B. Wood
Woodroffe Corporation Architects
Michael J. Yepes
Gregory H. & Constance S. Young
Maj. Jon W. & Evelyn T. Yow
Laurie Zimmerman
Martha J. Ziobro