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DCP Florida Tomorrow Campaign Council

The college would like to thank the members of the DCP Florida Tomorrow Campaign Council for their dedicated efforts toward reaching our campaign goal.

The Florida Tomorrow Campaign is the campaign for the University of Florida. Through the efforts of the DCP council and with the support of DCP alumni and friends, the college is designing, building and planning for a new tomorrow.

Council Members

David Brandon
Palm Harbor, FL
BCN 1981

Jess Childre
St. Augustine, FL
BCN 1950

Patrick Hodges
Tallahassee, FL
LAE 1981

Buddy Jacobs
Fernandina Beach, FL
UF 1965

Scott Lagueux
Charlotte, NC
MAURP 2002

Howard Nelson
Miami, FL
MAURP 1986

James Nicholas
Newberry, FL
URP Professor Emeritus

Guy Peterson
Sarasota, FL
ARC 1978

Bill Taylor
Miami Beach, FL
ARC 1975

Phyllis Taylor
Miami Beach, FL
IND 1976

Suzanne Barnes
Orlando, FL
BDES 1982
MARCH 1985