Collge of Design, Construction & Planning
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DCP Administrative Council

The Council, which consists of faculty and administrators, provides leadership, administrative assistance and practical strategies for the operation of the College of DCP.

Council Chair

Christopher Silver, Ph.D., FAICP
Professor; Dean: College of Design, Construction & Planning
Office: 331 ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1405 /


Margaret H. “Peggy” Carr
Associate Dean and Professor
Office: 331D ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1406 /

William L. Tilson
Assistant Dean for International Studies & Service Learning; Director of PI:C
Office: 362 ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1419 /


Maria C. “Tina” Gurucharri
Chair, Associate Professor
Office: 431E ARCH
Contact: (352) 392-6098 ext. 328 /

Kristin Larsen, Ph.D., AICP
Associate Professor and Director of the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Office: 431A ARCH
Contact: (352) 294-1482 /

Joseli Macedo, Ph.D., AICP
Associate Professor and and Chair
Office: 458 ARCH
Contact: (352) 294-1490 /

Margaret Portillo, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Office: 336 ARCH
Contact: (352) 264-1430 /

Robert J. Ries, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director
Office: RNK 311
Contact: 352.273.1155 /


Ann Baker
Development Director
Office: 336 ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1422 /

Julie Frey
Director, Information and Communication Technology
Office: 360 ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1418 /

Morris Hylton III
Assistant Professor, Director of Historic Preservation Program and Director of PI:N
Office: 344 ARCH
Contact: (352) 392-0252, ext. 457 /

Raymond Issa
Office: 325 RNK
Contact: (352) 273-1152 /

Crystal Lee
Business Manager
Office: 358 ARCH
Contact: 352-294-1417 /

Bradley Walters, AIA
Assistant Professor
Office: Architecture Building
Contact: 352-294-1462 /


The Administrative Council consists of members as follows:

  1. The dean of the College, or the designee of the Dean,
  2. The director of the School of Architecture,
  3. The director of the School of Building Construction,
  4. The chair of the Department of Interior Design,
  5. The chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture,
  6. The chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning,
  7. A Faculty Senator selected by the college faculty senators,
  8. The chair of the Faculty Council, and
  9. The Ph.D. Program Director,
  10. Others as appointed by the Dean.